Republic of Ireland Co-enrolment

Aspirin is being given following (or alongside) standard therapy, rather than replacing any part of current treatment. By including individuals who have already taken part in other treatment trials, we will be able to assess how well aspirin works when given in addition to both current and potentially future standard treatments.

Individuals who are participating in the trials below may also enter the Add-Aspirin trial (providing they are otherwise eligible). If you would like to register an individual who has taken part in another trial, which is not listed here, please contact the Add-Aspirin trial team (details above) to discuss this.

More information about the appropriate timing of Add-Aspirin registration relative to other treatments is available in the section below (Timing of trial entry within each cohort).

Please remember to complete the Co-enrolment CRF for any patients who register in Add-Aspirin and are co-enrolled in one of the below trials, except for those in italic font.

Contact Details

If you are an individual who is interested in taking part in Add-Aspirin, please talk to your doctor who will be able to consider whether you are suitable for the trial.

For healthcare professionals

Please log into the members area for Add-Aspirin contact details.

Register Interest

For healthcare professionals

If your centre would like to recruit participants to Add-Aspirin, contact us:

Register a participant

From Monday 16th March 2020, to RANDOMISE a participant in the UK please call +44 (0)20 7670 4925, rather than the usual randomisation line.

To RANDOMISE a participant from Republic of Ireland or India only, please use the 'Register a participant' link above to randomise online. Please make sure to press 'Randomise' once logged in to the server.

Unblind a participant in the UK

Unblind a participant in the RoI

Unblind a participant in India