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New research has suggested that individuals who suffer from both heart failure and type II diabetes may benefit from taking daily aspirin. The study reviewed medical records from more than 12,000 individuals living with these conditions in the UK over a number of years. This was not a clinical trial - a trial is the best way to demonstrate a definite link between aspirin use an ...

Cancer Research UK launched an international study today, to answer the final questions before aspirin could be recommended to reduce cancer risk. Studies have estimated that widespread use of low-dose aspirin could lead to a 10% drop in the number of people dying from some cancers, but for every 17 lives saved by preventing cancer or heart attacks there would be two deaths ca ...

Add-Aspirin is now open at 10 centres in India:

  • Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
  • Chennai Breast Centre
  • Jehangir Clinical Development Centre, Pune
  • Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata
  • Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences, Nashik
  • Shatabdi Hospital, Nagpur
  • Vikram & Fortis Hospital, Bengaluru
  • Cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai
  • Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum
  • Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madurai

New study reports: “No benefit of Celecoxib in Breast Cancer Patients”A recent study looking at the use of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), celecoxib, in participants who have had surgery for breast cancer, has shown no improvement in survival compared with a placebo (dummy drug). This research was performed on 2639 patients who had undergone surgery (sometim ...

Please note the Randomisation phone line will be closed from 5pm on Friday 22nd December and will reopen at 9am on 2nd January 2018.

The last date for sending translational samples to biobanks will be 30th December 2017.

Wales Cancer Bank will re-open on Tuesday 2nd Jan 2018 and Tayside Tissue Bank will reopen on Wednesday 3rd Jan 2018.