Information for Centres

Recruitment Tips for Centres

  • Identify potential participants early in the treatment pathway through flagging/screening at MDT meetings and/or by screening weekly clinic lists. Brief slide sets for introducing the trial at MDTs are available in the members area.
  • A Patient Introductory Leaflet is now available to introduce patients to the trial ahead of (potentially) approaching them later in their treatment pathway.
  • Tracking potential participants through their treatment can also be helpful (for example, using a spreadsheet recording treatment appointments which can be regularly reviewed). Please see here for an example of a screening log for the Upper GI cohort.
  • Liaise with Clinical Nurse Specialists in surgical clinics to see if potential participants are willing to be contacted. If a patient is not seen in clinic, the Participant Information Sheet (PIS) can be posted, a cover letter is now available for this.
  • Check the FAQs in the members area for answers to some common eligibility queries.


For a copy of the current protocol please log in to the members area or contact the trial team:

Timing of trial entry

Please click on the relevant cohort to view treatment pathway diagrams.

Breast Colorectal Gastro Prostate

Sample Collection

All participants that are registered in Add-Aspirin will be asked if they consent to donate a blood sample and a tumour sample for future cancer research. Samples should be sent to your centre’s allocated bio-bank. Please refer to the Add-Aspirin Translational Manual and Biobank addresses available in the members area for more information on what to send.


Add-Aspirin Initiation slides and MDT slides are available in the members' area of the Add Aspirin website. Please contact us for more details:

Contact Details

If you are an individual who is interested in taking part in Add-Aspirin, please talk to your doctor who will be able to consider whether you are suitable for the trial.

For healthcare professionals

Please log into the members area for Add-Aspirin contact details.

Register Interest

For healthcare professionals

If your centre would like to recruit participants to Add-Aspirin, contact us:

Register a participant

From Monday 16th March 2020, to RANDOMISE a participant in the UK please call +44 (0)20 7670 4925, rather than the usual randomisation line.

To RANDOMISE a participant from Republic of Ireland or India only, please use the 'Register a participant' link above to randomise online. Please make sure to press 'Randomise' once logged in to the server.

Unblind a participant in the UK

Unblind a participant in the RoI

Unblind a participant in India